How To Turn Gaming Mode Off Razer Keyboard?

Do you ever get that nagging feeling that you’re not really doing anything while you’re playing your favorite video game? It might be time to turn gaming mode off and get some real work done.

Sure, games are great for downtime and entertainment, but they can also be detrimental to your productivity. That’s because gaming mode is designed to optimize the experience for gamers and minimize input from the user.

This means that you may not be getting the full potential out of your keyboard or other gaming peripherals. To turn gaming mode off, follow these simple steps: 1. Open the Razer Keyboard Settings app 2. Under General, find Gaming Mode and turn it off 3. Restart your computer if prompted

How to turn gaming mode off on a Razer keyboard?

If you’re one of the many Razer keyboard users who enjoy gaming in your spare time, but would like to turn off gaming mode occasionally, there are a few ways to do so. The first and most obvious way is to just hit the FN + Esc key combination simultaneously.

This will bring up the system menu and allow you to turn gaming mode off or on. Another option is to go into the settings for your keyboard and scroll down until you see “Game Mode” below the other key options. Here you can toggle between “On” and “Off” modes.

How to disable the lights on a Razer keyboard?

How to disable the lights on a Razer keyboard

There are a few ways to disable the lights on your Razer keyboard, depending on which model you have.

For the BlackWidow Chroma, there is a switch located underneath the left side of the keyboard. To turn off the LED lighting, press and hold down the light button (located near the space bar) until all of the lights turn off.

For other Razer keyboards, you will need to access the software that comes with your device. On most keyboards, this can be found in your computer’s operating system by going to “control panel” and then “system tools”. From here, you should be able to toggle off LED lighting for each individual key.

How to change the keybindings on a Razer keyboard?

If you’re like most Razer gamers, you probably love the feel of the company’s renowned mechanical gaming keyboards and want to keep them in top condition. But what if you don’t use gaming mode all that often? Or what if you want to disable it altogether? You can easily change your keybindings on a Razer keyboard by following these steps:

1. Open the Razer Keyboard Settings app.

2. Select “Keyboard” from the left-hand menu.
3. Under “Typing,” select “Gaming Mode.”
4. Under “Action,” uncheck the box next to “Enable gaming mode.”
5. Click “OK” to save your changes and return to the main Keyboard Settings window.

How to disable macros on a Razer keyboard?

Macros are a feature found on Razer keyboards that allow you to automate commonly used commands. Macros can be helpful if you want to quickly perform a task multiple times, but they can also be annoying if they take up too much space or if they accidentally activate when you don’t mean to.

To disable macros on a Razer keyboard:

1. Press the FN key and select Settings from the menu.
2. Under Keyboard, scroll down to Macro and select it.
3. On the Macro settings page, toggle the Macro switch off.

How to customize the backlighting on a Razer keyboard?

Gaming mode on a Razer keyboard can be turned off by pressing the function key and the ‘G’ key at the same time. Once gaming mode is disabled, the backlighting will become brighter and more consistent across all keys.

How to reset your Razer keyboard?

Resetting your Razer keyboard can be a helpful if you’re having troubles with it. To reset your keyboard, press and hold the FN + F3 keys at the same time for two seconds. This will turn off gaming mode and your keyboard will return to its default settings.


Gaming mode is an incredibly useful feature on Razer keyboards, but sometimes you might need to turn it off for whatever reason. Here’s how to do it on all of the popular Razer models!


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