What Are The Best Switches For A Gaming Keyboard?

In the world of gaming, a keyboard is one of the most important pieces of hardware. It’s your gateway to the virtual world, and you need to make sure it’s functioning properly.

If you’re looking for a great set of switches to pair with your keyboard, here are five that should be on your radar.

What are the best switches for a gaming keyboard?

If you’re looking for the best gaming keyboards, you’ll want to consider some of the best switches available. While there are many different types of switches available on gaming keyboards, the three most common are clicky, linear, and tactile.

Clicky switches are the most popular type of switch on gaming keyboards because they provide feedback when you press down on the key, which makes them great for action games where quick reflexes are required.

Linear switches, meanwhile, are less responsive than clicky switches and are typically used in slower-paced games or RPGs. Tactile switches, on the other hand, provide a more muted response when you press down on the key and are best suited for typing applications.

Regardless of which switch type you choose, it’s important to choose a keyboard that has compatible keyswitches. Many gaming keyboards come with removable keyswitches so you can replace them if they wear out or if your game requires a specific switch type. Additionally, make sure to research each keyboard model before purchasing to find out what features are included and whether those features will be useful to you.

Which switches are the best for gaming?

There are a few different switches available for gaming keyboards, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks. The four main types of switches are: linear, tactile, clicky, and silent.

Linear switches are the most common type of switch used in gaming keyboards. They have a long stroke and are very responsive, making them ideal for fast-paced games where precision is important.

Tactile switches are similar to linear switches but have a shorter stroke. This makes them more comfortable to use for long periods of time, as they don’t require as much pressure to activate the key. They’re also slightly more responsive than linear switches, which is useful for games that require quick reflexes.

Clicky switches are the least common type of switch used in gaming keyboards. They feature a short stroke and a loud “click” when activated, which is helpful for rapid-fire shooting games or when you need to be sure you’ve hit your target.

Clicky switches can be a bit more difficult to learn how to use than other types of switches, but they’re well worth it if you’re looking for an intense gaming experience.

Silent switch keyboards eliminate the clicking sound made by other types of switches and are perfect if you’re concerned about noise levels in your room or office.

However, they generally don’t offer the same level of response or accuracy as other types of keyswitches, so they’re not ideal if speed is your main concern.

What are the best gaming keyboards with compatible switches?

Some of the best gaming keyboards with compatible switches include the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum, Corsair K70L RGB Rapidfire, and Razer BlackWidow Chroma.

These keyboards feature some of the best Cherry MX switches available on the market today. The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum features a detachable cable, which is great for travel.

The Corsair K70L RGB Rapidfire features Romer-G Linear switches, which are known for their reliability and speed. The Razer BlackWidow Chroma features a combination of mechanical and linear switches, which offers gamers the best of both worlds.

Buying a gaming keyboard: what to consider

When you’re shopping for a gaming keyboard, it’s important to consider the type of switch your keyboard uses. There are three main types of switches: linear, tactile, and rubber dome.

Linear switches use a simple on/off signal to activate each key. These are the most common type of switch used in keyboards and they’re best suited for fast-paced games where accuracy is key.

They can be a bit heavy on the typing hand and require some getting used to, but they’re generally considered the best option for serious gamers.

Tactile switches use a bouncing ball to activate each key. These switches can provide a more tactile feel than linear switches, which some people find helpful when gaming in dark environments or when using multiple keys at once.

They can also be more difficult to type with due to their heavier activation force, but they’re popular among people who like a more physical clicking sensation when playing games.

Rubber dome switches are similar to tactile switches in that they use a bouncing ball to activate each key, but they also feature a rubber membrane that dampens keystrokes.

This makes them well-suited for gaming applications where quick reactions are required, such as first-person shooters (FPS).

They don’t have as much of an action feel as mechanical or linear switches and tend to be less popular among casual gamers, but they offer greater resistance against dust and debris buildup, so


After reading this article, you should have a much better understanding of the different switches available on gaming keyboards. Depending on what type of gamer you are and what types of games you enjoy, finding the right switch for your keyboard might be the key to an enjoyable experience. Whether you are looking for classic Cherry MX keys or something more tactile and responsive, these switches will have a perfect fit for your needs. Don’t forget to comparison shop before making your purchase; it can save you a lot of money in the long run!

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