Who Made The First Gaming Keyboard?

In the early days of gaming, keyboards were rudimentary affairs. They were either basic membrane keyboards or small, plastic-case keyboards. But that all changed with the advent of gaming PCs and consoles.

With games becoming more advanced and reliant on accurate input, keyboard design evolved to meet the needs of gamers. And in doing so, keyboard manufacturers began to make their own gaming peripherals from gaming mice to gaming keyboards.

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What is a Gaming Keyboard?

Gaming keyboards are designed for use with PC games, and are generally more expensive than standard keyboard models. They typically have specialized features designed for gaming, such as anti-ghosting technology to prevent key presses from being registered multiple times, or backlighting to make it easier to see the keys in low light conditions.

The History of Gaming Keyboards:

The gaming keyboard is one of the most popular peripherals for computer users. It was not always this way. In fact, it was not until 1978 that a gaming keyboard was invented. The keyboard was created by Alan Adler and it was called the Logic 7 Keyboard.

This keyboard allowed people to play arcade games such as Pac-Man and Donkey Kong on their home computers.

In 1991, IBM released the first model of its PC/AT Keyboard which became popular with gamers. This keyboard had 104 keys and it was still considered a gaming keyboard at the time because it allowed people to play console games on their PCs.

Over the years, more keyboards were developed specifically for gaming purposes. Some of these keyboards include the Razer BlackWidow, Corsair K63 LUX RGB, Roccat Tyon Tournament Edition, Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Gaming Mouse, Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming Headset, and many more.

These keyboards are designed to be comfortable to use and they come with customizable features so that you can make sure that your gameplays are as successful as possible. They also come with anti-ghosting technology so that you can move your mouse quickly and accurately without having any issues.

The Different Types of Gaming Keyboards:

There are a lot of different types of gaming keyboards on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are five of the most popular types:

Standard Keyboard: This is the most common type of keyboard, and it’s typically used for general computing tasks like typing emails or essays. It doesn’t have any extra buttons or features specific to gaming, so it may not be the best option if you’re looking for a keyboard specifically designed for gaming.

Layout Keyboard: This type of keyboard has separate keys for WASD (left-right arrow keys, up-down arrow keys, Enter key, and Shift key), QWERTY (Z, X, C, V), and other commonly used layouts in games.

This makes it easier to keep your hands positioned where they’re needed, and it also gives you more flexibility when game hunting because different games use different key combinations.

Gaming Keyboard: These keyboards are specifically designed for gamers, and they usually have more buttons and features than standard keyboards.

They can include additional keys like volume controls or programmable macros (shortcuts that you can customise to execute automatically). Some gaming keyboards even come with built-in sensors that detect your movements while playing games to provide accurate input feedback.

Dedicated Gaming Keyboard: These are the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a keyboard specifically designed for gaming. They often include additional features like anti-ghosting technology that prevents multiple keys from being hit at once (

What are the Advantages of a Gaming Keyboard?

There are many advantages to owning a gaming keyboard. Not only do they make things more comfortable when gaming, but they also offer users specific features that can enhance their gaming experience.

For example, some keyboards have backlights that allow players to see their keys in low-light conditions or have macro capabilities that let them automate game commands.

Some even come with built-in speakers so users can listen to music or watch videos while playing games without having to leave their seats. And finally, many keyboards have on board memory so players can save their favorite game configurations and settings for quick access next time they play.

So if you’re looking for a keyboard that will make your gaming experience better, be sure to consider investing in one!

What are the Disadvantages of a Gaming Keyboard?

There are a few disadvantages of gaming keyboards. These include that they’re not very portable, and can be difficult to type on because of the cramped keys.

Additionally, some gaming keyboards are not as ergonomic as standard keyboard models, which can lead to Musculoskeletal issues.


The first gaming keyboard likely wasn’t the most advanced piece of hardware on the market, but it played a major role in kickstarting the modern console gaming industry. It was through keyboards like this that many people became hooked on video games and began to clamor for more and more features that would make playing their favorite titles even more enjoyable.

So who made the first gaming keyboard? You guessed it – manufacturers like Logitech, Microsoft, Asus, Razer and others all got into the game early on and helped create some of the best gaming peripherals around. If you’re looking to invest in a quality keyboard for your home PC or laptop, be sure to check out our selection here at Best Buy!

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